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Roles & Responsibilities

The DevOps Manager that lead software product team to deliver high-value and high-quality product. The candidate should have exposure to systems in both staging and production and all technical teams.  This position requires software development, operations, and continuous improvement experience.

  • Manager of Product Develop team

  • Cloud-native micro-service architecture design and implementation

  • Refactor existing monolithic applications to cloud-native architecture

  • Task management and product release management

  • Driven high quality software development and deployment process and culture

  • Lead new IT technology evaluation and adoption


  • 3+ years of DevOps Manager experience in leading 10+ above software product team and oversight of implementation, testing and deployment planning, validation, quality assurance, operations, and sustainability of technical solutions

  • 10+ years working experiences with hands-on coding

  • Familiarity with modern stack, including MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React & Node.js) and K8S (Kubernetes)

  • Familiar with DevOps technical quality control processes, artifacts and CI/CD tooling chain

  • Good in domain driven micro-service design and implementation

  • Good in container and cloud native architecture (K8s, Istio, Argo, Mongo, Redis, etc)

  • Demonstrate the technical leadership to provide design options to fulfil challenges issue

  • Demonstrate the capability in new technology evaluation and adoption

  • Good ability in people management, motivation and development to empower high efficiency and quality DevOps team

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